Matt Lebofsky - bass, keyboards, vocals.

As a child growing up in New York, Matt Lebofsky started on piano, spending 10 years studying classical/jazz piano and composition under the tutelage of Arthur Cunningham. On the side he taught himself guitar, bass, and drums. During college he ended up mostly on bass guitar - in the school jazz ensemble, various ska/funk bands, and alone in his apartment while playing along with countless avant and post rock CDs.

He moved to Oakland, California after college and quickly fell into many disparate projects. A partial list of bands that had Matt as a core or guest member include: Mumble & Peg, Species Being, Clubfoot Orchestra, JOB, Faun Fables, Dropsy, Three Piece Combo, and Research & Development. Currently outside of miRthkon bass duties he's also the keyboardist in MoeTar, keyboardist/guitarist in Secret Chiefs 3, and keyboardist/whateverist in the Fuxedos. He also works as a solo artist, and has recorded hundreds of his songs (playing all the parts), some of which you can find at his bandcamp site.

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