Review from ­­ 4.5 (of 5) Stars

The “story” itself, which unfolds over almost 70 minutes is still a bit unclear to me as to what it’s all about, perhaps it’s just a dramatised stage-related occasion, musically the band succeeds to keep the attention focused the whole way through thanks to certain formulas of change. A big part of it is the expression of a well composed contemporary jazzrock nature with saxes/clarinet arrangements with lots of rhythmical changes of electric bass/drums and some guitars, including a few more distorted metal-like guitar riffs which add extra bass energy tensions here and there. Almost each track starts and ends with a more filmic expression with surreal mixed sounds including cats, dogs, flies and human cries, or other bewildering sounds, as well as an announcing old gramophone voice of spoken word as if being inside a circus act (the first track even has an orchestral part as if introducing some Walt Disney classic adventure movie), and some piano. Before you get a chance of saturation, there are also some songs which have vocal arrangements, reminding me a bit of the Yes area and its specific way of singing, with more fluent rock rhythms, and an occasional rocking electric guitar solo, while in general also this part is a bit more complex than that, while being influenced by the jazzrock core. It is this combination of contemporary elements, jazzrock with touches of heavier bass guitar mostly, with filmic strangeness in between, that gives the impression of a close to Rock In Opposition sensitive theatre experience in different parts. Another great release from this extraordinary label.

The music was a close cooperation with composer/writer/video artist Jarred McAdams. On live occasions there is an elaborate video projection program to accompany live performances.